Our Philosophy

It is our goal to become your strategic partner through uniqueness and quality.

In order to be successful in today’s economic environment, an enterprise must distinguish itself from its competitors – be unique – and must concentrate on its strengths. This is not only true for you as an entrepreneur, but also for us as counsellors.

It is your strength to be ahead of your competitors by providing innovative products and services and to protect and expand this asset through Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights).

It is our strength to provide comprehensive counselling to you in all matters of Intellectual Property Rights and to ensure that the obtained rights are maintained and defended.

Our uniqueness consists in accompanying you not only through the process of obtaining Intellectual Property rights (prosecution), but also through defence (litigation) and utilization (licensing), as well as in strategic decisions (strategic counselling).

With this uniqueness, high quality of service and high professional standards - supported by continuous professional development - we aim to become your strategic partner in all Intellectual Property Rights matters, at market-oriented and competitive prices.

  • Management

    We run Isler & Pedrazzini AG as a modern service provider. The Assembly of Partners is responsible for the strategic orientation of the firm. The Managing Partner is in charge of implementing this strategy and of operational management.

  • Infrastructure

    We regularly invest into the modernization of our infrastructure. Beside the usual office applications, we have a powerful and flexible software for Patent and Trademark administration at our disposal that can readily be adapted to our clients’ needs. This enables us to provide our clients with clear and concise listings of all their Intellectual Property Rights. Furthermore, the software provides a reliable and cost-efficient system for the surveillance of annuities, including the generation of annuity reminders.

    Furthermore, on request we provide our clients the option to access the data of their IP rights-portfolio all-day by online access to our customer portal. Thereby, the customer is able to have detailed insight in his files or to create and export lists himself at any time. In addition, own client notes can be generated and saved in the files.

  • Specialization

    Each of our attorneys possesses in-depth skills in a field of specialization. By cooperation and teamwork we ensure that issues which pose unusual difficulties will be addressed by the appropriate specialist.

  • Professional Development

    We ensure continuous professional development of our employees, through both in-house and external channels. Many of our attorneys serve as lecturers themselves, at a variety of institutions.

  • Pricing

    Owing to a lean and efficient operation, we are able to provide our services reliably and cost-efficiently. Our billing procedures are transparent, and we are always able to provide you with offers for individual counselling steps. Our current schedule of charges can also be requested directly from our web site (services – fees).