A modern enterprise with tradition

Founded in 1910 by Fritz Isler senior, the firm was taken over by his son, Fritz Isler junior, in 1946. In 1992 Vincenzo M. Pedrazzini took over the firm, marking the next change of generation.

Since January 1, 2000 leading staff have been given the opportunity to share responsibility for the firm through partnership. Furthermore, since January 1, 2011 the partners have been contributed financially in the firm. By January 1, 2016 Vincenzo M. Pedrazzini has decided to resign from his function as Managing Partner, but stays connected with Isler & Pedrazzini AG as member of the board. Managing Partner as of January 1, 2016 is Michael Liebetanz.

Since 1992 Isler & Pedrazzini AG has grown from a medium-sized firm of 17 employees into one of the largest Intellectual Property Law firms in Switzerland, currently with a staff of 45 and regularly achieves top positions in international rankings.